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Toddler Curriculum

Our toddler curriculum at Countryside Child Care Center is specifically designed to provide the children with a safe and nurturing environment. We have a spacious room which allows the toddlers to explore their developing skills and abilities.

Being that every young child has different ways in which they retain information and they are on different learning levels, we have incorporated many different ways to teach our curriculum, whether it be through group play or one on one interactions. We use oral and visual communication as well as dictations as the toddlers develop different levels of listening and speaking skills.

During our group time, children gain confidence in calendar, weather, colors, shapes, ABCs, 123s, singing songs, listening to and sharing stories. During project time, children engage in painting, using paintbrushes, sponges, their fingers for sensory, just to name a few; drawing and gluing which all improve their fine motor skills. Monitored play and role playing is very important for this age group as the children learn through each other and their teachers.

The toddler classroom is set up to promote sharing/taking turns with their peers; using our manners; cleaning up after they engage in an activity; and gaining some independence using our self help skills throughout our daily routine, such as putting on their own coats and hats; getting out their lunches; washing hands; becoming potty-trained and so on. The teachers help the toddlers achieve these goals in many ways; one of which is one on one assistance throughout the day.

Countryside Child Care Center is designed to create a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, educational and most of all fun for all the children that spend their days with us.


Toddler Daily Schedule


6:30-9:00 Arrivals, greetings and supervised free play.
9:00-9:45 Diapering/toileting and hand washing followed by snack time.
9:45-10:30 The children all gather around for a circle time, which consists of weather, colors, shapes, songs and stories as well as talking about and learning about the theme of the week. Project time follows which children engage in crafts at this time-coloring, glueing, painting and drawing. There is monitored play during this time for those children who have finished.
10:30-11:30 Monitored free play as the children get ready to go outdoors- weather permitting. Indoor play-supervised.
11:30-12:30 Hand washing followed by lunch. After lunch, teeth brushing, diapering/toileting.
12:30-2:30 Rest time. For those children who wake up early, they are given books, puzzles and manipulatives.
2:30-3:30 Put rest materials away. Diapering/toileting and hand washing followed by snack time.
3:30-4:15 Outdoor play-weather permitting. Indoor play-free choice.
4:15-5:30 Gather around the circle rug for stories and group games and songs along with music and dancing. Diapering/toileting and hand washing once again during this time. Supervised free play waiting for pick up.



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